From Ima..


As we all know, Prof. Senin telah selamat kembali ke rahmatullah. Kita doakan agar allahyarham akan ditempatkan bersama orang2 yang disayangi Allah.

As mention early this year, kita semua dah agree untuk buat reunion tahun 2010. Bercakap tentang kematian, kita sebagai manusia boleh merancang sahaja, jadi kita telah merancang untuk membayar yuran setiap tahun. Semoga anda dapat membayar yuran yang ditetapkan pada masa yang ditetapkan pada akaun yang ditetapkan. Nanti bile free i will kol korang to know the status of the payment. But it would be 'darling' if u guys have the inisiative to pay by your own will. If got any problem, mebi regarding not enough money, etc., u can reason with me by replying this email. Hope all the hardwork pay...


Video..time dinner episod 2

Dikala senang atau susah..kita harungi bersama...
akhirnya....kita berjaya Grad...

kini cabaran muncul kembali...
ingin mencari pekerjaan yg diingini...
moga2 impian kita semua tercapai...

Semoga kalian semua hidup tenang dan sihat...
semoga kita semua kekal sebagai sahabat dunia akhirat...


video..time dinner episod 1

kenangan2 lalu yg sukar dilupakan....
semoga ianya menjadi memori indah buat semua...

sebuah pertemuan yang penuh bererti.....
diharapkan ianya berkekalan ke akhir hayat....


Pulau kapas....

MI0307H - Terengganu - Kapas Island Resort, Full Board Package
Validity:01/02/08 - 15/11/08
Duration:3 Days / 2 Nights

Rate (RM)
Per Person

2D/1N Package (Deluxe Room Twin Sharing)183.00
3D/2N Package (Deluxe Room Twin Sharing)315.00

Pulau Kapas is an ideal island paradise with white sandy beaches fringed with shady palm trees making it a perfect retreat. The first impression is its laid back yet rustic ambience calling for pure relaxation. It offers a "home away from home" amidst a typical Malay village concept and hospitality.

This package includes:

  • Accommodation (twin share) in a Deluxe Room

  • Speedboat transfer from Marang Jetty to Kapas Island Resort & return

  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • One snorkelling trip per night, with gear

Additional charges:

  • Surcharge of RM 30.00 per person on package during eve, school holiday or public holiday.

  • Additional snorkelling trip is RM 25.00 per person, including gear

  • Additional Island Tour is RM 20.00 per person

  • Additional RM 20.00 per person for BBQ dinner


  • Strictly valid for Malaysians and expatriates residing in Malaysia only

  • Additional night (room & meals only) RM 120.00

Ferry Schedule - MGH Boat Ferry

Marang - Island9:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm
Island - Marang10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 5:00pm


Mr Azil - 019 961 8757


Pulau Pangkor....

ok...so our overall budget will be RM300 x 24 = RM 7200
calculate a lil ady..so tis is the budget plan and below is the package

chalet = RM150 per pax x 24 = RM3600
activities - karaoke & p.a system = RM 250
- kayaking per hour = RM 10 x 24 = RM 240
- snorkeling trip include device die = RM 15 x 24 = RM 360
- banana boat = RM 10 x 24 = RM 240
- jungle trekking = RM 5 x 24 = RM 120
- abseiling per group = RM 300
- tour around island by van = RM 10 x 24 = RM 240
so total = RM 5350

account balance = RM 1850

feel free to browse bawah ni... diorang ader actvity proposal skali...so snang.ehe.. well, then again, tis is jus one of the suggestion... simpan la reunion mail ni sme..so nanti snang nak browse bile time dah mase..

3D2N Budget Package To Pulau Pangkor (RCS008)

Agent : Redang Seafan Naturally Sdn Bhd
Valid Date : 01 Dec 2005 - 31 Jul 2008
Duration : 3 Days / 2 Nights
Rate : Please contact agency for package rate.

Group / Student Trip To Pangkor Rimba Kem & Chalet, Pulau Pangkor.

Welcome to Pangkor Rimba Kem, Pulau Pangkor and thanks for showing your interest with our services!


Function Type : Light & Eazy Package

Duration : 3 Days 2 Nights

Date : Jan – Dec 2008

Group Size : Min : 10 person

Hereby is following details for your kind consideration;


1- Standard Chalet : RM 130.00 per person ( 4 person in a room)

* Extra bed will be provided

2- Mini Chalet : RM 120.00 per person ( 3 person in a room )

* Extra bed will be provided

3- Dorm : RM 110.00 per person

4- Camping (Our Tent) : RM 90.00 per person

5- Camping (Own Tent) : RM 75.00 per person

Package is inclusive of;

· 2 nights accommodation at Pangkor Rimba Camp & Chalet. (Room or Camping)

· Ferry transfer return from Lumut ( Lumut – P.Pangkor – Lumut )

· Coaches transfer from P.Pangkor Jetty ( P.Pangkor Jetty – Chalet – P.Pangkor Jetty )

· 2X Breakfast,

· 2X Lunch,

· 2X Normal Dinner

· Free usage of open hall

Note : Add RM 10.00 for BBQ Dinner

Accommodation : Pangkor Rimba Camp & Chalet

1- Standard Chalet is attached with air-condition, bathroom, TV, refrigerator, queen bed & all rooms are sea-viewed / can occupied 4-6 person in a room) –


2- Mini Chalet is attached with air-con and bathroom , queen bed size , sea viewed/ can occupied 2-3 person in a room ) –

(2 units)

3- Dorm is attached with air-con and bathroom (occupancy: 16 person per dorm)

(4 units)

4- Camping: either you rental our tent or bring by your own.

Toilet & bathroom is occupied.(Rental Tent : We provide only tent: Please bring your own air pillow & blanket)

Accommodation Info :

Pangkor Rimba Camp & Chalet is located at Teluk Pasir Giam nearby at

Teluk Nipah. It is direct touched to the beach & offered serenity and privacy to customers.

Facilities :

1- Separated male & female toilet & bathroom

2- Surau

3- 24 hours electricity

4- Fresh water supply

5- Open hall usage

Security ;

1- We are located at private beach and safe.

2- Geographical location is safe from unexpected natural disaster.

3- The management exclude liability for losses incurred due to connect with other services and shall not be liable for loss of luggage & personal belongings, injury or death due to activities which are beyond our management control.

4- Our guide will observe on the trip.

Optional Activities;

· Karaoke / P.A System : RM 250 per nite (Closed-Hall Usage & air-con)

· Kayaking : RM 10 per hour / RM 30 per day

· Snorkeling Trip by boat : RM 15.00 per person (include mask/snorkel/life jacket)

· Banana Boat : RM 10 per person ( Min: 7 pax )

· Jet ski : RM 80.00 for 20 minutes ( Own Ride )

· Jungle trekking : RM 5.00 per person (2 hours trekking)

· Abseiling : RM 300.00 per group

· Tour around island by van : RM 10.00 per person


Please contact Mr.Nazir at 012-4496540 or

email at aj_redang@yahoo.com for confirmation on availability of room/ camping site.

Mode of Payment

Payment term : 50% deposit on confirmation &

and 50% balance on arrival date

Booking : Subject to space availability & written request.




DAY 01

12:00pm : Gathering at Lumut Jetty

01:00pm : Departed by Ferry to pangkor Jetty

01:30pm : Arrival at Pangkor jetty

: Depart to Pangkor Rimba Kem by tavi van.

: Check in to room / camping

02:15pm : Lunch

: Free & Eazy activities

04:30pm : Beach soccer games

: Proposal activities 1: Kayaking / water sport

08:00pm : Dinner

: Free & Eazy

DAY 02

08:00am : Breakfast

09:00am : Proposal activities 2 : Jungle trekking & abseiling

12:30pm : Lunch

02:00pm : Proposal activities 3 : Snorkeling trip / water sport / Tour around island

04:30pm : Volleyball games

08:00pm : BBQ Dinner

DAY 03

08:00am : Breakfast

09:00am : Proposal activities : Short Jungle trekking to Teluk Man

12:30pm : Check out from Pangkor Rimba Kem & Chalet

: Proposal activities 4 : Tour around island by taxi van to;

1- Teluk Dalam

2- Satay Fish Factory

3- Dutch Fort ( Historical places )

4- Fui Li Kong Temple ( Mini Great Wall of China )

5- Batu Bersurat

6- Shopping / sight-seeing at Pekan Pulau Pangkor

03:00pm : Depart by ferry to Lumut Jetty.

03:30pm : Arrival at Lumut Jetty


Time dinner Final Year...


Cadangan Tempat Untuk wat REUNION 2010...

Kepada member2ku yg tersayang,

pada sesiapa yg ingin mmbuat cadangan tempat untuk buat reunion sila la bg komen kt sini. nnti kita akan kumpul n tgk tmpat mana yg paling sesuai n mndapat undian ramai,hhehehhe...

So ima dah bg cadangan iaitu

1) Taman Negara
2) Genting Highland

so ni adalah cdgn gua ler(nikaz)
1) pulau2 kt area Terengganu..

apa lagi yg korang tgk tu,bg ler cadangan kt sini...hehehe


SEnaRai AJK REUNION 2010...

Asssalamualaikum n Salam sejahtera sumer...

Ni adalah senarai nama AJK yg akan terlibat untuk mnjayakan REUNION 2010 nnt...

Nik Aziz Nik Ali-Nikaz
Nurul Hiqmah-ima
Nuqman Ismail-man

Yang ni adalh yg konpem..so kalo saper2 lagi yg sudi just bgtau jer..coz reunion ni adalh untuk kita semua gak kn..so dialu-alukan sesiapa yg sudi tuk jd ajk lagi..

sekian trima kasih....


Dari.... ima 1985

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hi (specially for bhoman),

Hopefully korang sihat. Well, korang mesti tahu kenapa suddenly aku emailkan kan kan...once in a blue moon plak tu..haha..Mostly because of the reunion fee la. I won't rush u all since aku sndiri pun gaji blom masuk but it will be easier if u all can pay awal2 bulan mcm ni cus at the end of the year maybe rm100 will definitely mean a lot since ade end of year sale..wuwu..na bli mcm2 kan. tp evrythin is up to u all. bulan 12 payment slip no. mesti ade kt aku taw.. nanti ta jd reunion cam tak best plak. korang bole bukak blog untuk group kite yg nik aziz buat...kat situ ade mcm2 maklumat..aku rasela mcm ade mcm2..tp tataula ade mcm2 ke tak kan.. tp yg pasti ade no akaun cimb bank aku yg aku buat khas untuk group ni..which mean bukan yg bercmpur baur dgn savings aku la. Korang bukan tatau nik aziz rindu kt korang.. aha. rindu saat manis bersama2, saat2 die mengata korg kt dpan ngn kt blakang, saat die makan mama chop papa grill pakai baju adidas..ahaha.. saat makan kt kedai jagung yg murah tu.. adeh. ape ape pon hopefully mesti jd reunion ni. So kite kenela pilih tmpat reunion..so nnt tadela serabut nak pk tmpat.. . so these are my suggestions.

ima nye suggestion:
1. tmn negara
best: aku ta pnah lepak situ lg. dlm ade mcm2..drp aktiviti lasak smpi la santai kt resort..ske korg ajela nanti nak beraktiviti ape..tu nanti kite serahkan kt ajk. aku tataula sape kan..nnti kne tanye bya la..sbb die taw sape yg ske buat2 keje ni..(ke die sorg pon bole buat keje?)..
tak best: hrm, mestila budget...kalo setakat 300 sorg rase mcm tak lpas nak lepak 3 hari kt situ.. so kne la menambah sket..ke kalo si nik tu rajin..pegila mintak sponsor..
korang gi cr website tmn negara k..aku cm bekenan gak la.. http://www.taman-negara.com/

2. genting highland (normal la sesgt)
best: sejuk. ade panper(funfair). ade tmpt judi2(bhoman sahaja). ade perkara yg biase korg tgk kt gnting la... pastu lebih murah drp tmn negara.
tak best: slalu sgt pegi..aku bosan. pastu tade adventure sgt..stu nanti sme nak balik cpat je keje. stu sti reunion cm arini pegi sok balik..
Tapi kalo manela taw kite smua da bz bz bee, elok gak la pg tmpat yg senang dicapai mcm genting highland.. skarang pon da bz bz bee kan nuqman kan. Tp takpe aku ttp syg dia..aha..(korang jgn hasut ape2 eh)

So guys, hopefully korang pon dapat menyumbangkan idea kt mane nak buat reunion. yg korang rase affordable, fun, easy for evryone to go. Pasal bakal cikgu yg akan posting jejauh tu..kite cr mase sesuai yeh..time korg cuti sekolah kite pegi k.k? kalo ade ape2 gossip panas ke ape jgn lupe bitaw aku..aha..bulan dpan(mac or apr) kite lantik AJK. N Nik Aziz still menjadi peneraju utama. Jangan lupe bagi feedback kt blog yg nik aziz buat tu. die sikitla punye rindu kt korg.. korg berperasaan la sket yeh..korang kan comey comey belake. ahaks..k la.daa~

H/P NO : 0192635665


MeMoRi Yang TerINdaH..


Secebis Kenangan..Segunung Ingatan..


Alamat Geng-GenG FiziK

Nor Baiyyah binti Mohd Nor Saidi

Lot 51, Kg Kedai Buloh,

Jalan Pulau Kundur,

15350 Kota Bharu,

Kelantan Darul Naim

Email: chah_0305@yahoo.com

Azlina binti Hassan

Lot 379, Kg Kwang,

Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan,

15350 Kota Bharu,

Kelantan Darul Naim

Email: eina_physics@yahoo.com

Bhoman bin Mison

Peti Surat 58,

Kampung Kelawat,

89157 Kota Belut,


Email: maksim_boom@yahoo.com

Masnita binti Abdul Rashid

Lot 764, kampong Kolam Ikan,

Ayer Lanas,

17700 Jeli,

Kelantan Darul Naim

Email: Ta_0305@yahoo.com

Norfarisha binti Puad

2-0-2, Endah Villa Condo,

Jalan 2/149B,

Taman Sri Endah,

57000 Sri Petaling,

Kuala Lumpur

Email: girlofjonathandavis@yahoo.com


Mohd Khairul Azli bin Latiff

Kg. Bendang Bukit Abal,

16800 Pasir Puteh,

Kelantan Darul Naim

Email: kerol_5493@yahoo.com

Nurliana binti Mat Zin

B-13-10, Taman Pandan Ria 1,

Pandan Ria,

68000 Ampang,

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Email: nana_toyon@yahoo.com

Mohd Zaidi bin Husin

PT 890, Taman Kurnia Jaya,

Jalan Padang Golf,

16100 Pengkalan Chepa,

Kelantan Darul Naim.

Email: tuan_arian@yahoo.com

Nurmysita binti Mohamed Mokhtar

No. 39, Kg. Terson, Sega,

27660 Raub,

Pahang Darul Makmur

Email: vanquish_aries@yahoo.com

Norenafidah binti Mat Tarmidi

3595, Kg Redang Punggur,

36600 Chenderong Balai,

Teluk Intan,


Email: bogembo_10@yahoo.com

Nik Aziz bin Nik Ali

No. 54, Kg Jelapang,

21450 Setiu,

Terengganu Darul Iman

Email: nikaz.nikal@lycos.com

Nuqman Ismail b Mohamed Nawawi

No. 19, Jalan Desa Seputeh 6,

Taman Desa Seputeh,

58000 Kuala Lumpur

Email: nuq_man85@yahoo.com

Nur Mastura binti Othman

Lot 220, Taman Sri Rembau,

71300 Rembau,

Negeri Sembilan

Email: ann_lollypop@yahoo.com

Rahimah binti Othman

No. 4, Kg Dadong,

Jalan Air Putih,

24050 Kemaman,

Terengganu Darul Iman

Email: amataresu_omikami@yahoo.com

Nurul Hiqmah binti Nordin

1176, Jalan Pinang 9,

Taman Dato’ Abd Samad,

71000 Port Dickson,

Negeri Sembilan

Email: ripe0607@yahoo.com

Siti Aishah binti Abdullah

No. 39, Lorong Mewah 4,

BTR, 56000 Cheras,

Kuala Lumpur

Email: Ecot_69@yahoo.com.my

Nurrul A’iin binti Morsid

No. 58, Blok 3,

Felda Tenggaroh 03, Jemaluang,

86810 Mersing,

Johor Darul Ta’zim

Email: yuyun_135@yahoo.com

Nurul A’in binti Ahmad Latif

15, Taman Air Kuning Jaya 2,

31920 Kampar,


Email: luca_lora@yahoo.com

Siti Norbaizura binti Abdul Malik

No. 98, Kampung Simpul Belubang,

18500 Machang,

Kelantan Darul Naim

Email: mcqlate_85@yahoo.com

Siti Nursyuhadah binti Semail

14, Jalan Berembang Satu,

Taman Bunga Terampet,

02700 Simpang 4,

Perlis Darul Sunnah

Email: dilarang_merokok@yahoo.com

Siti Nur Faizah binti Ismail

No. A/49, Taman Sri Belimbing,

Jalan Tg. Bendahara,

05300 Alor Star,

Kedah Darul Aman

Email: fiey_is49@yahoo.com

Siti Nur Rubika binti Rahim

C2-17, Jalan Padi Emas 5/4,

Bandar Baru UDA,

81200 Johor Bahru,

Johor Darul Ta’zim

Email: ricka_feehily@yahoo.com

Suhana binti Ramli

No. 55, Taman Bukit Koman,

27600 Raub,

Pahang Daul Makmur

Email: hanna092003@yahoo.com

Suziati binti Mohd Sati

No. 7, Lorong 22,

Taman Sri Beseri,

26100 Kuantan,

Pahang Darul Makmur

Email: seri_8508@yahoo.com


Reunion 2010

Assalamualaikum n salam sejahtera buat korang sumer...hahaha skema jer bunyinya...

Ni just nak bgtau kat korang sumer kita akan buat reunion tuk geng2 kita pada tahun 2010 nnt.So mulai skrg korang bleh ler mnyimpan duit@wang RM10 sbulan or every year kita akan kutip sratus sorang...so korang bleh mula byr mulai skrg. no akaun adalh spt berikut...

Maklumat Akaun....
No akaun cimb bank : 12830000565528
Nama : Nurul Hiqmah binti Nordin

Ni adalah pemberitahuan awal mgenai reunion tersebut..so pastikan korang menjenguk blog ini stiap bulan utk mgetahui brita terkini hiburan sensasi...